Production and Implementation

Together, we discuss goals and evaluate strengths and weaknesses while developing your story and your brand. Once we have a plan you approve of, it’s time to reach out to creatives, developers, social media agencies and SEO outfits for bids.

We want people who are not afraid to have their work evaluated and quantified so that we can better determine the value of their approach. I want to spend your budget on provable results, not leaps of faith.

As your team manager for media production, coordination and implementation, I translate language and data into something you can work with, as well as making sure we’re on schedule and within budget.

Years ago, my accountant told me, “My job is to make you money by reducing what you are legally required to pay in taxes. If I do my job right, you will never see me as an expense.” I feel the same way; my job is to improve visibility and sales while leaving you free to focus on what you do best.